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Smoked Steel Head Trout Recipe

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1. Fresh Steel head trout or salmon fillet (2pounds)
2. alder smoking chips, soaked in water or wine, water (1quater)
3. morton tender quick (1c)
4. crushed either fresh or dried rosemary (1 1/2tbsp)
5. diced garlic (4cloves)
6. olive oil (2tbsp)
7. pepper (to taste)

Method of preparation:-
1. Take fish, rinse it in cold water. Take a shallow roasting dish of glass and place the fish in it. Pour the olive oil over it and then cover it with minced garlic, pepper and rosemary. Rub the both sides well. Then keep it in the refrigerator for over night.

2. Make a brine of Morton tender quick and water. Now pour the brine into the dish with fish and keep it to marinade for about 15 minutes per half inch thickness of fish.

3. Meanwhile prepare the smoker or a grill for 4 hours at 150 F . Now take out the fish from the brine and drain it. Place the fish on foil, as close as you can to the contours of the fillets. Now place this on the rack of the grill or the smoker. Use alder chips to coals or firebox.

4. Cover the dish and place it in the smoker to smoke for 2 hours. Add the smoke chips if needed and increase the heat to 200 F. Keep it to smoke until the internal temperature reaches to 165 degrees F.

5. Now remove the fish from the grill or the smoker and keep it to cool for 20 minutes to cool and then serve it.

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